How to Choose The Perfect Solar Cover Reel For Your Pool

Another season swimming pool, a few months more fun in the sun, and some more wrestling match with your solar swimming pool cover.

It's enough to make you just a ball it, throw it in the storehouse, and hope for the best. Do not have to like it, though. If you're looking for solar pool covers, you can browse this link:

If you use a pool cover the sun, you are ahead of the game, get a lot of benefits of warm water to lower energy bills. But deploying and removing it is a headache. Or is it? Not to cover the solar rolls, it is not.

What is the Reel Solar Cover?

Several types of solar blankets there, including solar rings, solar blankets liquid, and the type that needs to reel solar blankets.

There is not much to explain, really. The name says it all. A roll of the solar cover is a way to:

  • easily deploy a solar cover you every time you do not use the pool.
  • easy to uncover your pool when you are ready to use it.
  • temporarily save your application until you are ready to store them for the winter.

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How it works

The device sitting on the deck at one end of your inground swimming pool. It consists of a long, extended metal pole between two T-bars, one of which usually has wheels to make it easy to move around.

This is great because after the wet cover rolled up, it can be a little heavy. Some models can be permanently installed in the pool.

Suspended from the long central bar some heavy-duty straps with clips at the ends. Clips are attached to the edges of the cover to allow the cover to be rolled reel.

At one end of the roll, cover is a hand crank or solar wheel. This is what you will switch to the spool cover to a metal rod.

This design is simple, really. But it makes such a difference to be able to maneuver your application to quickly, easily, and without throwing your back out or invent new curse words.