How to Choose a Digital Video Camera In Singapore

Do you want to Buy Digital Video Recorder? Various factors are important when making a purchasing decision for a digital camcorder. Often the final choice is determined by the following key areas: price range, what the camera will be used for, and any additional features required. You can also buy Roland Video Switcher for Playback, Streaming & Encoding online. This guide describes the various options available for each specification and the best use for each option.

Video formats

The types of video formats can be classified into two broad categories – high definition and standard definition. In the high definition category, there is also a choice between 720p (lower HD resolution) and 1080 i/p (higher HD resolution). Standard definition is a good choice for people on a budget and people who want to shoot home videos and special occasions.

Videos for everyday events can handle 720p, but professional videos and anyone who wants the best and the best should go for at least 1080 i/p.

Lens Type

Lenses for digital video recorders differ depending on the zoom level. A fixed lens with an optical zoom of 10x or more is sufficient for any use. Professional videographers may want to look for cameras with interchangeable lenses, but these are often only necessary for directors.


The minimum sensor rating for home video users is 680,000 pixels for standard definition and two megapixels for HD. A standard 4mm CCD sensor is sufficient. Professional standards increased to 6-8 mm sensor and CMOS chip.