How Serious Can Fireworks Injuries Be?

It has been reported that more than fifty percent of people injured by fireworks are children. This kind of injury would seem to look like burns. Other types of fireworks injuries were cuts and bruises. Some of the main causes of this type of injury are a product like fireworks, rockets and firecrackers.

Firework injuries suffered by children under the age of five years are generally caused by fireworks. The injuries suffered by children from ages 5-14 is mainly caused by rockets, sparklers and fireworks other products. If you are looking for Diwali firecrackers then you can navigate various online sources.

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It has also been found that individuals who wish to participate in the fireworks show is more susceptible to injury compared to those who only see these displays. Generally, fireworks were displayed during special events and holidays in the streets, highways, parking lots, recreational settings and people's homes. Thus, the injury occurred in the location most of the time.

Of all the many fireworks products, it has been found that the serious eye injuries caused by bottle rockets. When it comes to setting up the fireworks, time is very important. Serious injury can occur if the handler is very near when lighting fireworks. This is the reason why I would always advise you to not allow children to handle fireworks make, even sparklers. Even homemade fireworks are not recommended.