High-Quality Trophies Tips

What are the best high-quality awards? These days, many clubs and associations have abandoned those plastic (plastic molded) figurines and tried for trophies from the huge number of crystals and plaques awards readily available and at a very reasonable price.

Associations and clubs seem to seek the best value they can get for their "buck" and in this competitive market, those who offer low-quality products are likely to lose out to your competition.

plaques awards

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There are some high-quality resin trophies however they tend to be used to create a larger number of "token" trophies, which clubs award to anyone who participates in a particular contest.

The weight is just as important as the size when selecting the right trophy, but also the specifics of the sculpture or molding. There are some excellent quality, well-made resin trophies that are well weighted and will always be more popular than products that are lighter and not produced to the same standards of quality.

Here are the golden guidelines:

1. Be sure that the image detail is precise and clear. Engraving must be accurate and of high quality.

2. It should have a reasonable amount of weight in the item. Products that are light in weight tend to be hollow and do not feel appealing when presented to the recipients.

3. If you're being presented with trophies made of resin, think about whether you purchase glass or crystal at a comparable cost. Glass and crystal reflect light and make a more attractive night of the presentation. Crystal awards are often presented with free presentation boxes these days.