Health Benefits Of Dirty Chai

Dirty Chai is one of the most well-known drinks that can be found in cafes. It's a mixed drink made of tea and latte that is made with masala black tea steam milk, and one Espresso shot. The strong-flavored drink is a favorite of people who do not like strong coffee. 

Dirty Chai is creamy and smooth with a slight taste of coffee and tea. It is also possible to make it stronger by adding a double shot of espresso. Some of the most popular ingredients that are added to the drink include black pepper, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom. You can buy the best dirty chai substitute at

Sorts of Dirty Chai

They are as below:

  • Vegan: Instead of milk from dairy cows almond or soy milk is used to create a drink that is suitable for vegans.
  • The Green Tea – Dirty Chai: In this drink, the leaves of green tea are used for tea, instead of black tea leaves.
  • Hong Kong Yuanyang Coffee Tea: It's prepared with black tea sweetened condensed milk, and drip coffee.

The Health Advantages of Dirty Chai

The Chai can provide health benefits. They are as the following:

1 Tea from the black is brimming with antioxidant properties that improve our immune system and combat diseases causing viruses and bacteria.

2 Studies have shown that coffee is beneficial for those with diabetes Type II and black tea helps regulate blood sugar levels.