Health and Fitness Apps You Must Have

Health and exercise with weak knees technology have reason to rejoice! These days, it seems there is a smartphone app for just about everything, including personal training, diet, and monitoring of medical records.

We did some research and found the medication tracker app for your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android. These applications are fun exercise app, counting calories easier, and medical research a snap.

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Drive applications

The iPump series for iPhone is a set of five applications designed for pilates, yoga, stretching, abdominal and core exercises, and easy cardio workouts. With images and driving directions step by step, these applications also easy to follow workouts.

iFitness app Blackberry has pictures and instructions for more than 230 exercises that target different areas of the body. The application also has features for workouts log on, create custom workouts and set goals.

GymTechnik for Android is a great application that takes users through workouts, using checklists, keeps statistics to assist in goal setting, and much more!

Monitoring and exercise Apps Goal Setting

iPhone enthusiasts looking for an easy way to track their workouts and set goals look no further than Pocket Coach. This extremely robust and enjoyable application to the eye exercises daily, a calendar of objectives, accountability reports, push notifications, and even a reading section suggested.

The full implementation of fitness for BlackBerry is the ideal way to achieve the objectives of the exercise, track fitness progress with graphs, reports view, see exercise animations and instructions, and even follow nutrition.

Android users must download the app WorkItOut so they can start logging workouts, planning routines, and see their progress.