Gas Masks – Everything You Should Know

Although the development of gas masks can't be linked to anyone, it can be traced back as far as early 1915, when chemical warfare weapons were first introduced. The theory behind this device can be traced back to 1819 when modern defense respirators were already in development. 

Augustus Siebe had discovered the helmet with an air pump, and a tube structure. These crude devices were transformed into the invention of the 'Inhaler' or lung protector. This device was patented by Lewis Haslett in 1849. This device is known as an air-purifying respirator.

It filters dust and ash from the air before it can be inhaled. Modern gas masks are more advanced and have many improvements over older models. Visit this site to buy these protective gas masks for your safety purposes. 

Regulateur, a new design that was based on the original concept but invented by Auguste Denayrouse & Benoit Reouquayrol, was an entirely new design. This device was designed to aid rescuers in reaching deep mines and saving trapped miners.

Garrett Morgan was the inventor of the gas mask, which he developed in 1914 to save 32 lives. He also helped dig a tunnel 250 feet below Lake Erie and create the device. His invention was patented as the Morgan Safety Hood, and smoke protector.