Find Out More About iPad Basics

Headphone Jack

When your iPad is oriented so that it faces the Home Button, the Headphone Jack will be in the upper left corner. The Headphone Jack, a standard 3.5mm stereo jack, will fit any earbuds or headphones that you have. It can also be used with virtually all other mp3 players.

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Dock Connector

The Dock Connector is a flat port that runs along the bottom of your iPad. It acts as both a charging port and also an interface to other devices. To charge your iPad and sync it with a computer, simply use the USB cable included with your iPad.

Volume Button

The Volume Button can be found on the right-hand edge of your iPad. You can adjust the volume of your iPad by pressing up or down.

Lock Button

The Lock Button, located directly above the Volume button, is a small switch that locks the iPad's screen orientation. The Lock Button functionality was removed from OS 4.2 or higher. Instead, you will see the Lock Button icon in the multi-task panel to the right of your iPod Controls. 

iPad specifications – iPad Basics: Your iPad Jacks, Ports, Volume, Lock Buttons; How to Disconnect Your iPad From Your Computer?

Disconnect Your iPad

You should always remove the iPad from your computer before you disconnect it manually. This will protect your data integrity. In most cases, if you pull out the cable and grab your iPad it will not cause any damage to your files.