Facebook Chatbots – Don’t Make These Mistakes

As a very experienced personal, real estate and sales consultant, I have seen Chatbots fail many times. When they did work, though, they are very difficult to turn around in the time you need it to run the script that you are looking for.

The first thing to know about Chatbots is that they must be pre-sold to the Facebook Messenger app users before they get started. This is an important point that cannot be overlooked. A Facebook Chatbot that does not sell to its users beforehand will never make money on Facebook.

If you're new to the world of Messenger Bots, then you are making a big mistake. There is no doubt that chatbots can work extremely well for Facebook Messenger users, but for the average business user, they will rarely be able to make the most of them. I am here to help you avoid this situation.

The reason why is that if you do not create a compelling enough offer, a Facebook Messenger user will quickly forget about you, your offer or your company. This will happen, because Facebook has a built-in mechanism to determine whether your offer or product is appealing.

It may take up to 30 seconds or more, but the goal of Facebook is to get users to remember your product/offer and do business with you. Once this happens, there is no way the user will forget that you exist. In fact, a very good way to test a Messenger Bot is to put it to use just before an event like a dinner party or a presentation.

During these events, ask your Facebook Chatbot to send invitations to all your Facebook friends, via the web. See what percentage of users respond to your offer, based on the percentage of users who attend the event.

You can even measure a Facebook Chatbot's success by the number of users it can send invitations to. To do this, install a Facebook Web App Extension (the easiest way to do this is to go to the Facebook Developers website) and open it up in your favorite Web Browser.

When the browser window appears, click on the settings button next to your Facebook Extension. Now, set the field that says "Request Invitations" to read "Only." This will tell the Facebook Chatbot not to send invitations to anyone who has not requested an invitation, meaning "Friend."

Now, you need to send out an invite to that person. Make sure you include their name and the date and time of the event. That way, when the person accepts your invitation, they will know that you are actually calling to invite them, not "replying" to their friend request.

So how do you make sure that your Facebook Chatbot sells enough to bring in the commissions you want? Simple: Ask them to keep the messages short and specific. Give them the information they need in a few sentences.

The reason for this is that Facebook really wants to show your messages to the right people, so that they know what you are offering. They also want to keep the conversation flowing while still showing that you really are not spamming them.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots is great for business and personal life, but they will not work well for you if you don't follow the above advice. You have nothing to lose except some Facebook friends.