Explore The Singing Basics

Why is it necessary to prepare yourself to sing?

Can you run a marathon without doing any stretches?  No? If that's the case, why would you start singing without doing the appropriate preparation?  You shouldn't. In actuality, preparation is at least as important as singing for many reasons. To know more about the singing basics visit https://www.unlockyourvoice.net/.

The first is because failing to warm up your voice can actually damage your vocal cords along with your own voice. Singing without heating up could put undue strain on your vocal cords and offer you anything from a sore throat and hoarse voice into more lasting damage.  Secondly, your voice won't be able to reach the same sound if it's not prepared ahead of time.

General hints for singing groundwork 

There are loads of approaches to prepare when learning to sing, such as loads of specialized techniques for breathing, posture and other similar elements of preparation the professionals go for.  So why not go straight for those, I hear you ask. Well, because of the wealth of techniques and preparation hints and tips that are out there,

• Sip or gargle a glass of water that's at room temperature to release the tension on your vocal cords.  It will keep you hydrated also, which is essential since singing does require great effort.

• Take 10 deep breaths to link the torso with the throat and get plenty of oxygen in your lungs

• Laugh.  Laughter will stop stress creeping back into your voice when it is warmed up.

• Drink hot water with a tablespoon of honey.  Obviously the water should not be so hot that it burns your mouth but the honey is crucial as it will coat your throat and simple any strain and soreness already there.

• Eventually, massage your neck softly, using two hands to rub from just beneath your ears right around to your larynx in tiny circles.  It will relax the throat and you also!