Expert Advice On Stucco

Stucco, in its original form, is one of the building materials most widely used and most traditional in the world. Some say that the ancient pyramids in Egypt covered cement, even before the Greeks and Romans started using it.

In its original form, the stucco is made of hydrated lime and sand mixed together. To get more information about stucco repair you can contact experienced stucco contractors in Edmonton.

In time, this mixture is converted with natural cement (limestone powder and clay).

great examples of early cement applications can be found on a large adobe building of Native American Pueblos here, in New Mexico, the most prominent among them is the multi-story dwelling Taos Pueblo.

When originally built, the building has an outer layer adobe mud with straw additive. To this day, they are maintained by the tribe in the traditional way.

Taos Pueblo is not only a National Historic Landmark but is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and well worth a visit for anyone interested in the architecture of the original pre-Hispanic America.

It was not until the '80s that stucco experiencing a second revolution. This is when semen turned into EIFS (Elastomeric Insulated Finish Systems).

Many argue that the modern system no cement at all, but most Americans now recognize this system as a "cement."

"Traditional" stucco is usually implemented as a multi-layer process. The first layer, or the initial coat, applied over expanded metal lath. The second layer is commonly called brown coat and a final coat is the color or finish coat.