Ensure the Security of Your Home with Bluetooth Padlocks

Padlocks have evolved to become more secure with traditional and keyless access control. Bluetooth technology has come to the traditional padlock. Bluetooth padlock lock offers keyless security that is usually controlled by your smartphone.

The mechanical part of each lock is what provides physical security. This includes body padlocks and shackles. These parts and materials are made from what gives physical security to the padlock. Bluetooth technology alone does not make the lock safe.

Bluetooth Key Features:

  • Unlock with your smartphone
  • Give others temporary access to your padlock
  • Monitor access and maintain the history
  • Never worry about missing keys or combinations
  • Low battery indication on key and smartphone applications

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These are some standard features. The manufacturer will provide Applications that will control access to their locks. This application will provide additional features and security depending on the application. Just like any application that we all use, Bluetooth applications can be updated and enhanced with new features. The manufacturer will usually provide this application at no cost; however, some will have additional features such as unlimited online history storage with additional annual fees.

You will find two levels of Bluetooth Padlocks, standard users and corporate or commercial users. Corporate padlocks or commercial Bluetooth are usually made from higher quality materials, such as hard objects with hardened steel or boron alloy shackles. The manufacturer will usually carry out access control and online history through the application. This will allow administrators to control access to keys instantly. There will usually be an annual recurring fee for this service.

This technology has been used on door locks for the past few years. Before it can come to the padlock, the electronic key must be made smaller and then installed on the padlock without disturbing the mechanical part of the key. Now that this problem has been fixed, you should start seeing many manufacturers jumping on the Bluetooth padlock train. In the coming years, electronic locks will take over the work of mechanical locks by offering superior access control.