Easy Steps On Using Hair Clay

You are always asked, "How to use Hair Clay?" No matter if you're sporting an unnatural fade or want to achieve a natural comb-over or messy-casual style hair clay is vital. Before you pick up a glob and get to work take a moment to consider, "What type of look will you be going for this morning?" Great results need thorough preparation making a look that fits, looks good, and behaves as you'd like it to, requiring only a few steps.

1 – Start New

Although you might rub hair clay into your hair make sure you wash and dry your hair before you do. Dirt, oil, and even the product you used yesterday – will affect the clay pomade.

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#2 Pre style 

You're probably wondering, "Isn't the matte clay meant to shape and style the hair you have?" Ultimately, it does, but if you're trying to create a look that doesn't conform to your hair's natural style. A little directed blow drying could make a significant impact.

#3 Use with a Gentle Hand

Even if you believe you'll need lots of product to control your hair, be on the safe side. Take a tiny quantity of pomade that is matte between hands until it's smooth. The body's natural heat will help to emulsify the clay and help it be easy to use. 

Hair clay is very dense, so be sure to warm it thoroughly in your palms hands prior to applying.