Direct Mail Advertising Ideas for Realtors

The success of a direct mail campaign is determined by a number of factors, starting with having a clear purpose for the campaign. Once you have set a goal of the campaign, postcards should be designed to motivate prospects to respond to your call to action, for example, come to your office, go to a website or a phone call. We call this motivating offer "A Magnet".

Here are some ideas and magnets that have been successfully used by our clients. Use one or a combination, but do not over crowd postcards with too much information. postcards must pass "The Test overview", which means the reader will know what is about the only card with a passing glance. You can hire postcard magnets through

When you advertise your services, it is not the time to be modest. Selling Real Estate is one-on-one, personalized service. Include a photo and a brief resume. If you are new to the business, do not try to hide it, let the person know that you are building a reputation and will work harder to get the results. 

Use the mail carrier route map to target your farming area. Direct mail is a great way to keep in front of prospects for new listings. USPS Mail Carrier Routes can be delivered with the lowest postage rates and carrier Route Maps are available to compare your Area for agriculture. A smaller list, which is often shipped will yield the best results.