Different Phases of Architectural Services

Architectural Services plays an important role in the construction of any building or any infrastructure. The service is well used in the construction field for marketing purposes.

There are a variety of services that help in creating the best design to improve the building, landscaping, etc. Right from the conceptual stage until the time building was built Architectural Services plays an important role. You can get the best architectural design service from professionals.

All designs can be created on a computer via a pre-built and design software.

Conceptual Architecture Design

Conceptual Architecture Design is the first phase of each phase of the construction of buildings or infrastructure. The conceptual design is usually made by an architect where he designed a conceptual building.

Before Revit or Auto CAD appears, the conceptual design is done manually on paper, in the form of sketches and then compiled. Now, with the amount of software available today conceptual designing has become much easier.

Construction Drawing and Drafting

Once the conceptual designing is completed, the process of creating Construction Images for building begins. Construction drawings picture set created to facilitate the construction phase. It consists of a complete image covers the entire building.

It is very important for accurate construction. It consists of a roof plan, reflected ceiling plan, section, Altitude, Power Plan, Layouts, Site Plan, etc.