Did you know these Facts About Asbestos before Reading this?

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If you have been looking for asbestos-related content, there are good chances that you already know a lot about these fibers. It was once a popular element of construction materials because of its favorable properties. However, by the ‘80s, its health risks surfaced and asbestos ended up getting banned.

While the ban affected its use in construction and other applications, those already in use contained asbestos and were considered dangerous. But do you know asbestos isn’t dangerous until disturbed? Besides, here are some other facts you might (or might not) know about it.

  • It’s Natural: Although these tiny fibers are deadly, there isn’t a manual process behind their occurrence. It comes from mining and is a mix of six silicate materials. Besides its natural production, its carcinogenic nature makes it a hazardous material for human health.
  • Strange Applications: You know asbestos is a common component of construction materials. But do you know it was also used in a lot more items such as makeup, school supplies, talcum powder, and more? It’s fire-resistance made it a popular part of the fire-fighting industry, where it could be easily found in clothing and equipment.
  • Asbestos Illness Doesn’t Develop Immediately: If you have inhaled asbestos fibers, you won’t get sick or fall ill immediately. Although it causes rare mesothelioma cancer, its symptoms can take around 15 years to appear. So, if you know someone aged 60-70 with asbestos illness, the person contracted those tiny fibers during a young age.

And that’s not the end of strange facts about asbestos. However, professionals dealing with asbestos testing in Newcastle and removal processes know how to deal with the issues the right way.