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Comic book writers need to have access to comic book pricing guides to find out how much books cost. This is very important because many writers go bankrupt because they have not received accreditation for comics or have benefited from the merchandise. 

There are many writers in the community, including children and adults. Children who read comics will grow up loving comics, meaning that in the future there will be many people who need these books.

This shows that the comic business is growing rapidly where various industries such as comics have made millions. All services in the world are digital, so comic book fans don't need to have access to a shop to read books.

Government releases comic book for kids on Coronavirus awareness - Times of India

Currently, comics are available online and you can access these books with the PDF reader on their device. There are many things to consider when evaluating your book. Approaching this problem blindly puts writers at a real risk that they cannot thrive as they propose some facts regarding book prices.

To maintain the value of comics, four steps must be followed to ensure that comics are fair to readers and writers. This is one area that needs to ensure its benefits go both ways, where the reader needs to ensure accessibility, availability, and reliability, and on the writer's side, he needs to be sure that selling comics will bring him a profit.