Car Paint Spray Gun – How to Use the Spray Gun to Paint Your Car

Spraying your car can be stressful even if you are a professional; The solution is to learn how to spray with a car paint gun. This is an alternative to official used tins.

Do you think the spray is difficult to use? No, no! All you need is to master the technique and you will love the amazing results it will give you at the end of the day.

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Personally, I think the hardest part about using a car paint gun is how to install it. Again, this can become a habit of yours if you continue to practice what you are going to learn as you read.

The first step.

Check the airflow and fluid to your weapon for correct delivery. Set the spray gun horizontally when you fully open the air button. Then adjust the fluid knob so you can press the trigger 1/4 inch with each pressure. Practice spraying on a piece of cardboard to determine an even flow of liquid and adjust accordingly.

Second step.

Multiple light sprays with a circular motion are better than a single heavy spray. You should aim for a thin layer that you apply on any fine part before spraying your car.

Third step.

Your car paint gun should be held about 7 inches from the surface you will be painting on. Continue spraying vertically with a steady motion about 3 inches from the center of the surface. Make sure to release the trigger at the end of each turn. Repeat this technique for professional results.