Buyers Guide: Best Shirts for Men

There are two common types of pleated backstroke: square pleats consist of two folds one and a half inches apart in the middle, while side creases are located halfway between each edge and the center of the back.

While the former is more common in ready-to-wear shirts, the latter is better aligned with the actual shape of the back, and thus suits most men better. If you want to buy a soft pocket t-shirt then you can get redirected here

Specially made shirts that are well made can be cut and sewn to fit the wearer without folds, and this makes it cleaner and easier to iron. Even so, many men prefer to have folds even on their bespoke shirts.

A man might choose to wear his monogram, usually at the edge of his breast pocket or at the end of his shirt. Monograms originated as a way to identify someone's shirt in commercial laundries, such as writing the child's name on the label of their jacket.

Recently, because shirts have assumed a more prominent role in men's clothing, monograms have emerged as a way to subtly communicate the care that a man has done in getting his clothes.

Two front pockets: The key display for all shirts examined is a double front pocket. Many are more of a style, aesthetic point than having real functions, but better ones allow you to store items such as change, small notes, and business cards.

Metal Buttons: Fancy shirts must have metal buttons if they want to make them stand out from the masses. Buttons give the shirt finishing and will give your shirt a much more authentic feeling.