Benefits Of Using Steel Beams

Steel beams are a type of structural element that plays a vital function in transferring the weight and pressures on a structure to the foundations and into the earth. These beams are structural members that are predominantly subjected to transverse load and have a negligible axial load. The beam's cross-section provides improved load-bearing support. Steel beams' higher spanning capability implies fewer columns and more usable area.

A steel beam is one kind of building material used to construct various structures. It is used in various types of construction applications. In certain countries, it is the norm for building columns in homes commercial and residential buildings. 

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Stainless Steel Beams

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Steel beams can also be set parallel to the ground to create the floors or roofs. They also play an important part in the construction of bridges and act as structural support for highway ramps and overpasses. 

Steel beams are used based on their sectional qualities, which include masses per inch and cross-sectional area. depth, flange width, web thickness, flange thickness, section modulus, a moment of inertia, the radius of gyration, and plastic section modulus

A steel beam is among the most commonly used structural members whose main purpose is the transfer of load via bending or flexural action. In a framework for structural construction, it serves as the main horizontal part that is spanned between columns adjacent to it or as a second member that transfers loads to the primary beams. 

In most cases, only bends are the primary factor in beams, except in specific cases, such as crane girders where the factors of torsion along with bending need to be considered.