Become Super Fast, Stronger, and Far More Nimble with the Agility Ladder

Athletes who rely on their explosiveness, quick movement, and ability to change direction at the last second can benefit greatly from agility training. A speed and agility ladder is an exercise tool that looks like a ladder sitting horizontally on the floor. Athletes use ladders in combination with a varied training program to significantly improve leg speed, stability, coordination, and body control.

To secure the most out of ladder training routines, be on the balls of your feet and remember to keep ground contact to a bare minimum. To perform the activity well, you require quality agility speed ladders.

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Perform horizontal shuffles to work on your foot speed. Stand sideways at the right end of the speed ladder. Always keeping your knees bent, rapidly step directly into the first square with your left foot and next with your right foot. Carry on the side to side quick-stepping till you reach the final part of the ladder. Change direction and lead with your right foot.

Practice your balance and ability to change direction by jumping around. Stand at one end, face the ladder and continue to keep your feet coupled. Leap right into the second square of the ladder, land on your two feet, and immediately leap backward into the 1st square. Without pausing, leap straight into the third square and after that back into the second. Continue on with the routine for the length of the ladder and then reverse the direction.

As you get used to the exercises of the drills, gradually over time accelerate your speed.