Basic Guide to Egypt Travel

A half-day excursion to Giza Plateau is a must for any Egypt visit. It houses the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, and the Solar Boat Museum. This popular tourist attraction is located at the desert's edge and is only 30 minutes away from Cairo. You may also consider Your Egypt Tours as they provide you the best deal on Egyptian luxury tours.

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Khufu was the second pharaoh in the 4th Dynasty to build the Great Pyramid. He did so between 2589-2566 B.C. This ruler, also known as Cheops to Greeks was responsible for one of the most remarkable engineering feats in human history. Visitors can climb the Great Pyramid's interior via narrow passageways and rock-hewn tunnels that lead to the burial chamber halfway up the structure. 

The majestic sphinx is located nearby. This half-man, half-lion structure dates back to the building of the Great Pyramid. The sphinx is not open to the public in its interior, but you can see it up-close from its base. You are also welcome to take photographs.

The Solar Boat Museum is located just a few steps from the mighty Sphinx. It houses the royal barge of Pharaoh Khufu. This vessel was found under the Giza desert sands and became a valuable resource for information about its owner and daily life during the reign of the pharaoh. Visitors can also visit the museum to see artifacts and a chronology record of excavations for the solar boat.

Giza Plateau can be found within minutes of Giza's hotel district. Many of the nearby hotels offer spectacular views of the monuments. You can purchase admission to Giza attractions separately or combine them for a holiday Egypt package.