Baby Food Lawsuit: Heavy Metals Found In Baby Food

You may wonder what your options are and what to do if your child has been exposed to toxic ingredients in baby food products made by the companies mentioned. The lawyers from various companies are ready to go to court on your behalf to ensure you get the compensation or settlement you need and deserve. You can also visit to find a lawyer and file a lawsuit.

Recent government reports revealed toxic heavy metals in popular baby food brands. Arsenic and mercury are just a few of the toxic heavy metals that were found in baby food brands. Here are some toxic heavy metals found in popular baby food brands, as well as possible side effects.

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Inorganic Arsenic:

This toxic heavy metal is considered to be the most dangerous and threatening to human health. Exposure to arsenic can have serious health consequences, including hematological and respiratory problems, skin, kidney, gastrointestinal, immunological, neurological, and hepatic effects. Inorganic arsenic can also have negative effects on children's cognitive development and central nervous systems. 


Lead, another extremely dangerous toxic heavy metal, can cause severe and permanent harm to children and adults. The Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (DHS) of the Department has identified lead as the second most dangerous substance to human health. Even small amounts of lead can pose a risk to children. It has been linked with behavioral problems, delayed puberty, and lowered cognitive performance. 


Mercury is ranked third on the list of substances that present a significant risk to human health. A study of the toxic heavy metals effects on children's development has shown that high levels of blood mercury at ages 2 and 3 resulted in autistic behavior, lower IQ, and adverse neurodevelopment.