Amazing Facts About Matcha Powder You Need To Know

Exclusively made from Japan, Matcha powder has been consumed as a tea, or as a component in a myriad of recipes for a long time. The farmers of Japan cultivate the tea with traditional methods, starting from cultivation to grinding. It is cultivated on the banks of the Yahagi River, with a misty fog as well as a micro-climate that is suitable for its growth. 

In the weeks leading up to harvest in the spring, The tree plants are covered with bamboo mats. This blocks the sun's rays that can reach the plants while at the same time increasing the amount of chlorophyll within the leaves. This gives matcha tea a distinctive green color. You can also buy matcha tea powder from

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After it is harvested, the tea is then heated before it is dried in the air. The next stage is sorting by grade before they are removed from the stems and veins. At this point, the leaves are referred to as tencha. Once it is crushed and roasted, it is referred to as matcha.

Contents of Matcha powder

Matcha green tea is made up of several ingredients like:

  • Amino Acids: It is known for its L-theanine amino acid, which is beneficial in relaxing the mind.

  • Caffeine- Similar to the other types of green tea, Japanese matcha tea is infused with caffeine, which gives drinkers moderate, steady energy.

You can also search online for more information about matcha tea powder.