Airport Car Parking – How to Keep Your Car Safe While You Fly

For many business and leisure travelers, the air journey often begins with a car journey to the airport. When you are going for a few days or months and finding secure airport parking for your vehicle.  You can discover more details about car parking marking through

Airport Car Parking - How to Keep Your Car Safe While You Fly

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To help you through the minefield of car parking at the airport here are a few tips.

1. Use the car parking available at the airport.

Always take advantage of well-managed airport parking. Check what security arrangements are in place and how often it was on patrol. Are there any barriers and other physical measures to prevent car theft? Car parking is a scheme approved by the Park Mark®?

2. Is the car parking area is well lit and safe for pedestrians?

Is well-lit car park and sidewalks safe for pedestrians are required? If the parking area looks good and well organized it may mean that the thought has been given to security as well. The good news is that there is increased awareness of the importance of secure parking, safe, tourist-friendly.

3. How far is the parking of your terminal?

Some airport car parks involve a long shuttle bus ride. Even short stay premium car parking near the terminal may still involve the transfer bus – or walking in the rain with your luggage. That is why, when planning airport parking, you have to investigate how far the terminal from the parking lot.

4. Pre-book your airport car parking

If possible, pre-book your airport car parking. This ensures you a parking space and will save you money as well. Do not forget to make a note of any booking details you need when you arrive.