A Warning To The Users Of Talcum Powder

Many people consider the use of talc as part of their daily hygiene practice. Both women and men use talcum powder to control sweat and get a feeling of cleanliness.

Even the hairdresser uses talcum powder on their clients after haircuts. Mothers use it on their babies to keep their bottoms dry and free of rashes.

A recent study revealed that the use of talcum powder can cause cancer. You can also click this site to know more about the talcum powder lawsuits against the talc manufacturing company.

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Why talcum powder is dangerous?

Talc is a softer mineral. It is used in many cosmetic products like baby powder, talc needs to be extracted.

Talcum powder is not actually dangerous but mineral called asbestos is found the powder is very dangerous and causes cancer.

Talc product manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson said in the lawsuit that their product does not contain asbestos. Research and studies, however, say that this is not true.

At that time, more than 6,600 consumers continued to file lawsuits against J & J for diseases and injuries that are caused by the regular use of talcum powder produced by them.

A 2014 study found no association between talc and ovarian cancer. However, research in 2016 found that women who use talcum powder on the genitals suffer a 33 percent risk of ovarian cancer.