A Hiking Gear Checklists for Day Hiking

We were thinking today about what should be on a hiking gear checklist for hikers who are just starting out.

With this in mind, we made the list below as a general guide, which you should get while getting your hiking gear together for a day hike. If you find the best hiking gear to buy then visit https://novaprosports.co.nz/collections/hiking-gear.

A Hiking Gear Checklists for Day Hiking

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Hiking trousers or hiking

Suitable hiking trousers are a must-have. Waterproof is always a good idea. We like the air vents among them which can be opened to allow better air circulation to keep your feet dry as your sweat is allowed to get away from the skin.


Required for cooler temperatures. A good hiking getaway will keep you warm and dry under the right waterproof hiking jacket.


You need to make sure that you have enough base layers. The first base layer is next to your skin, so like your hiking trousers; you want to breathe to remove sweat from the rest.


If you are going through swamps, water, snow, etc., the garter is really useful to help dry your feet and your shoes.

Hiking Hat

If it is cold when you are putting on a nice woolen hat then you have a great addition. Worn under the hood of your waterproof jacket, it will keep your head looking nice and tasty!

Hiking gloves

They need to be waterproof, wind-resistant and ideally left with some mobility in their hands for greed, opening, etc.


Good socks are as important as good shoes. It is worth getting good hiking socks that complement your hiking shoes or boots to ensure maximum comfort and avoid the dreaded blister!

Day or technical pack

You definitely need something to carry your extra gear and have some basic supplies in a comfortable day pack on your back is a must.