8 Reasons to Hire an Espresso Bar for Your Wedding Reception

Many engaged couples request an "Espresso bar" at their wedding ceremony. If you and your fiancé are passionate about coffee, your guests will enjoy it.

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Here are 8 reasons to have an espresso bar at your ceremony event.

1) Coffee fosters friendship and conversation. You can think back to the great conversations you had while sipping a frozen mochaccino, latte, or other coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

2) Cappuccinos, espressos, and other specialty coffee drinks are elegant. A coffee bar can bring sophistication and flair to any event.

3) Specialty coffee bars are a sign that you care about your guests. Specialty coffee bars offer a unique experience to guests than a regular coffee at receptions. It is prepared by skilled baristas.

4) Guests can enjoy an espresso bar as an addition to regular bar service. Double espressos are a great way for guests to relax before heading out.

5) Think of specialty coffee catering as an "affordable luxury" when you hire one. A typical hour of unlimited service will cost less than a wedding cake.

6) Your guests expect good coffee. It's not a trend to have high-quality coffee.

7) Specialty coffee can be considered healthy and socially responsible. Many people seek non-alcoholic beverages.

8) An espresso bar rather than an alcohol bar can lower your insurance costs for your reception. Talk to your wedding planner or banquet coordinator.

Your event can generate buzz like no other service. Your event will be remembered by your guests.