Fragrances Of The Royals

It is no secret that fragrances have been in use since the times of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and by kings and queens ruling throughout Europe. While most of us know the processes and the commonly used ingredients in these mixtures, you might be wondering which fragrances were coveted by members of royalty. Just as our favorite celebrities sport their own scents these days, the ruling class of the old days also had their own special signature scents – many of which have been recreated and are now available for sale in stores around the world.

You cannot talk about fragrances and scents without mentioning one of the most famous rulers of ancient Egypt: Cleopatra. The ultimate symbol for femininity, Cleopatra believed in diligent skincare, beauty regimens and, above all, smelling great while ruling one of the most innovative countries in the world. Out of all the available fragrances during that time, Cleopatra favored rose scents the most. Along with frankincense and spices, these three topped her list of must-have scents.

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However, there was a female Egyptian ruler that loved fragrances who predated even Cleopatra herself. Her name was Hatshepsut and she enjoyed the fragrances of incense so much that she actually led expeditions in order to acquire more types of scents. Nefertiti was another Egyptian who kept fragrances as a mainstay in her life. From myrrh, lotus blossoms and sweet essential oils, Nefertiti surrounded herself with nothing but the best.

However, it wasn’t only the female rulers that adored fragrances. The young King Tutankhamen favored the scents of golden sandalwood, vetiver, and Barkhor.

Additionally, the boy king was even embalmed using the preferred fragrances of the time: cassia and myrrh. King Solomon and Emperor Augustus enjoyed using cedar essential oils not only because of its smell but its practical abilities such as keeping moths away from clothing and preventing insects from destroying papyrus manuscripts. The scents of cedar essential oils were everywhere during those times.
Ever wanted to smell like a queen? The ill-fated Marie Antoinette may have met a cruel end during her short life but in happier days, the young queen indulged in the popular fragrances of her day.

The most commonly used scents Marie Antoinette wore included tonka bean, cedar, jasmine, carton tree essential oil, rose petal, Benjamin, sandalwood, musk, lavender, galbanum, vanilla, iris, and ambergris.

But the fascination with fragrances and members of royalty and nobility do not end there. The obsession with regaining the lost scents of the times has caused a number of perfume makers from around the globe to pursue recreating these same perfumes and colognes for the enjoyment of women and men. Some perfume makers tend to offer a high price tag for the purchase of these fragrances, but not merely to make a huge profit. In regards to Marie Antoinette, her favorite scents are now available for sale. “In the Queen’s Wake” perfume currently sells for over $1,000, with the profits going to the restoration of Marie Antoinette’s personal belongings, including her furniture.

Of course, if you do not have $1,000 to spend on perfume, you can easily find other recreated royal scents at much more affordable prices by shopping around on the Internet.