Cure Stomach Cramps – 5 Tips to Reduce Your Discomfort

stomach crumps

People in a lot of abdominal pain need to find a sure way to cure stomach cramps or else they might not be able to function properly. These pains can be very intense and they can also last for varying lengths of time. Some pains are sharp and stabbing whereas others are dull. Recurring or acute stomach pain can be caused due to a variety of reasons and they can make it very difficult for the sufferer to focus on anything else.

The first step to treating stomach pains is to understand exactly what has caused the problem in the first place. The following tips will help you cure stomach cramps or at least reduce your discomfort by a considerable extent:If the stomach cramps are caused because of constipation then it will go away only if you have a bowel movement without any delay. Over-the-counter laxatives will help solve the problem. You could also use natural laxatives such as prunes, psyllium powder or flax seeds.

Many women suffer from stomach cramps when they menstruate or because they have a problem associated with the reproductive system. These pains generally go away when the sufferer has non-prescription painkillers.

Many stomach pains occur due to digestive problems. People who suffer from lactose intolerance, for instance, are prone to these pains. Other pains are caused due to acidity. There are appropriate medicines to be used for each of these problems. You can also cure stomach cramps caused by indigestion by drinking plain water in order to dilute the acids in your stomachs.

Your stomach will also feel some relief if you hold a heater pad or a hot water bottle to it, making sure that you don’t press down on the affected area. You can also get relief by soaking lying in a tub of warm water.Reduce pressure on your stomach by eating foods that are easy and digest. Applesauce and toast are popular home remedies to cure stomach cramps. Bananas are also very effective at making the stomach feel better.

If you are unable to cure your stomach cramps even after trying one or more of these remedies then you should contact a doctor. Abdominal pains that are very intense and which last for very long are not only very difficult to bear but can also be symptoms of a more serious disease. Conditions such as appendicitis, urinary tract infections and ulcers are normally accompanied by severe stomach pain and cramps. It can also be a symptom of certain cancers. You therefore need to get medical attention without any delay, especially if you are also bleeding or vomiting.

The various remedies to cure stomach cramps will generally give you relief as long as they are not indicative of a serious disease. It is a good idea to keep various OTC painkillers handy so that you can treat this problem as soon as it occurs. You only need to worry about this problem if the episodes occur very frequently and are very hard to bear without any help.