The Best Diet of All Is the Non Diet

Dieting has become a past time for people both young and old. The problem is that dieting is simply the practice of changing what you are eating for a short period of time, for the purpose of losing weight. This practice is where many people go wrong. They are looking for a short term fix to a life-long problem of ineffective eating habits.

There are things that individuals can do to avoid dieting and begin taking their weight management issues into their own hands. Using some of the following tips, individuals can be on a non diet for the rest of their lives.

Count Your Calories

Many think that this is an old fashioned way of dieting. Counting calories doesn’t mean starving yourself. It is simply the process of becoming more consciously aware of what you are putting into your mouth. You may be surprised when you learn that you are ingesting quite a lot more than you should be each day. The more aware you are of the caloric content of your food the less likely you are to over indulge.

Add Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are relatively free calories, especially when eaten raw. When you are hungry, fill up on these goodies. Keep them handy when you are traveling or in the office. This will help to encourage you to snack on healthy foods instead of bad ones. Let’s face it, a banana or an apple will do much better for your body than a bag of chips.

Don’t Starve – Eat, Eat, Eat!

One biggest mistake that dieters make is starving themselves. Starvation creates fat stores. It is much better to make your body think that there is plenty of food around. Doing so requires retraining yourself to eat all day long. Now, of course, this doesn’t mean that you are going to eat 26 meals a day. It does however mean that you need to eat about every two hours. You can munch on nuts, seeds, crackers, fruits, and veggies. Doing so helps reduce the amount of body fat that you are storing and will at the same time help you build lean muscle.

Stop Drinking Up All Of Your Calories

Once you start counting your calories you may find that you are drinking up way too many calories a day. This is a common problem that most people are oblivious to. We always look at what we are eating but we never look at what we drink and many drinks are super high in calories. Drinking only water can help to reduce the number of calories you consume each day and can also aid your body in digestion. More importantly, it will help to flush out your entire system.

If you are looking for the best way to control your weight, reduce body fat, and keep the weight off, then look no farther then the non diet. Making real life changes will not only help you look and feel better it will also help improve your quality of life.

5 Known Fat Loss Mistakes People Continue To Do

Right to the point, there are five different mistakes people do due to fat loss. I watch men and women do this everyday. Make sure you aren’t doing these mistakes and you will burn fat.

  1. Not having any support behind you

Trying to lose fat without any social support from your friends, family, trainer, etc. is not the way to go. Research has proved that with social support you will most likely be successful in burning fat. Concentrate on two people out of your social support that has be successful as well.

  1. Not having a program to keep you on track

How do you approach the gym? Do you walk in thinking about where to start and what you are going to do today? You are wasting your time. A plan needs to be made so that you know what you are going to work on. Stay with the plan, now whenever you enter the gym you know exactly what is going to be done.

  1. Doing the same workout 4 weeks later

No same workout should be continued for more than 4 weeks, especially if you haven’t been receiving much results. Mix it up a here and there often, you will see awesome results and have more fun exercising.

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  1. What you eat

What you eat is a big factor to losing fat as well as training – says Jessie from Birthorderplus. Going to the gym working out like an animal will do no good if you go home and eat junk. Doing so won’t get you any results in fat loss. The food you eat is as important as your exercises. Put natural healthy foods in you stomach, 6 medium meals a day. Get a bunch of protein, fiber and vegetables in your system daily. Eat good fats, don’t touch trans fat and try to drink a gallon of water a day. Simple and effective.

  1. Not knowing when to draw the line

People always ask me if they should add even more cardio and lifting to their workout plans. People get this idea that if some is good, more training should be a lot better. The answer is NO, you must draw the line somewhere. Adding more and more exercise is a no no.

Your body can breakdown to fast from too much exercise, especially when you are dieting. Over training and low calories do not go together. This type of combo will not make your engine run at optimum performance.

Aim for quality not quantity in your workouts – adds Jessie. For quite a bit of reasons stay with good quality training and a good quality diet. All that really is important is the results you get not the tiredness of your muscles or the tiredness after each workout. What’s important is quality exercises and nutrition. You are aiming for a healthier good looking body that you can be proud of.

Health And Weight Loss Benefits Of Soy

When you look at the list of potential health gains soy protein offers its users, you just have to wonder; what doesn’t this nutrient do. Talk about tissue building and repair, soy does it. Talk about cancer-fighting ingredients, it has them. Talk about combating bad cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, soy helps with that. Why, it even helps women go through menopause more comfortably! This all-in-one nutrient is a product of the soybean plant which has its origins in China.

Soy as a nutritional supplement

Soy protein is also readily available as a nutritional supplement and the powder form of this has been steadily gaining popularity for quite a while now. However, it is also available in the form of soy milk, soy cheese, tofu, tempeh and miso.

It’s availability in this range of forms have made it an apt replacement for dairy products among strict vegetarians and among health-conscious weight watchers seeking to reduce their dependency on animal protein. It is also a good alternative for folks who are lactose intolerant.

If you’re looking for a replacement for your pre-workout yoghurt, why not make a smoothie from soy milk and a couple of bananas? Or why not try taking your cereal with soy milk instead of regular cow milk? You can even use the soy protein powder to cook meals that are lower in refined carbohydrates and protein-packed.

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Does soy protein have any weight loss benefits?

We mentioned earlier that soy protein plays a pivotal role in the building of tissue. For this reason it is a favourite among body builders and athletes looking to increase muscle mass quickly. But what if your aim is to shed weight? Can soy protein help? Yes, it can help in not one, but two ways. It is a well known fact that as you build muscle, you burn fat.

So though you will gain muscle mass as you replace your regular protein source with soy, you will also lose fat in the process. Secondly, those who take any of the forms of soy protein experience diminished appetite throughout the day. It helps keep you from reaching for junk in the name of snacks, keeping you from putting on calories that the body stores as fat if unutilized.

What other health benefits does soy offer?

We earlier talked about soy protein’s role in combating heart disease. Well, researchers tell us that if you ingest 25g of soy daily, you will significantly reduce your chances of developing heart diseases but only if you combine it with a proper diet. By a proper diet we mean one that is low on cholesterol and saturated fats.

Soy also contains agents that help the body achieve a better balance of cholesterol. In addition, soy protein contains an antioxidant called isoflavones which in neutralizing free radicals in the body helps reduce your chances of developing some forms of cancer. The isoflavones perform the additional task of helping keep blood vessels dilated, which means you heart doesn’t have to work so hard to move blood through your body.

So forgive the pun but, got soy milk?