Pregnancy – It Does Not Have To Be Painful

We understand, your back hurts, your hands hurt, your face hurts, in fact every part of your body hurts. It does not have to be that way, there are many options. In fact put down that tylenol and read on, because you can improve your quality of life and your pregnancy by seeking out a specialist in solving back pain.

Back Pain and Why You Have It

Backaches can be suffocating, sore and stiff. They can cause an unrelenting amount of pain as you move through your day. Most backaches occur in the lower back and increase as your pregnancy progresses. Your body is loosening, stretching and pulling in every way it can to accommodate the birth. It is moving without any of your say so, and it will continue to do so. That is why your back hurts and will continue to hurt.

Your baby is adding weight to your strained body and your hormones are loosening the area between your pelvis and lower spine. Your back will crack strangely and the ache can become so terrible it may reduce you to tears. Your center of gravity is askew because you’re weighed down and shifted uterus is pushing you forward. Thus, the weight, hormones and more are increasingly causing you more and more pain. Relaxin is the hormone responsible for loosening your ligaments, in preparation for labor.

How to Endure Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain can be cured, and it can be done today. A specialist in solving back pain can treat all of your symptoms and enhance your all around well being. The best option to choose is to look for specialist that works with pregnant women.

Reasons Why Your Back Hurts

  • Your uterus is expanding and shifting your center of gravity
  • Your body is literally stretched to the limits.
  • Relaxin, a hormone is causing your body to loosen.

A specialist in solving back pain is typically a chiropractor, in some cases they run a facility designed to enhance the well being of a patient with other methods. Other methods include, massage, yoga, aromatherapy and more. They may also advise you to ensure that you are sitting correctly, because incorrect posture can make it all much worse. When you are sitting try to make sure that you have lower back support, and look for a pillow that is specially made for the lower back. Remember to elevate your feet, using a footrest can help relieve the stress on your lower back.

Other ideas include getting up and walking around, too much time sitting or standing can enhance back pain. Standing too long without the option to sit, can really cause your back to hurt. If you work at a job where you cannot sit, purchase or get something to prop a leg onto.

Also, as you progress further along, talk with your boss or supervisor to see if they can accommodate your medical needs. Never lift heavy loads, and if you have to, do it slowly and with your legs. Your back is already stressed enough, there is no need to add more to it.

Other Ideas That the Specialist Will Give You Include:

  • Try not to gain too much weight. Pregnancy should not be a free for all eating fest.
  • Ensure that you are wearing supportive and comfortable shoes.
  • Sleep on a firmer mattress.Invest in a body pillow.

The chiropractor may also advise that you work on pelvic and abdominal exercises to strengthen the area. As you become more pregnant the chances increase that those abdominal support muscles will actually tear. Try to minimize pressure on your body, have regular massages with a specialist in solving back pain, or have your partner help. The chiropractor can also offer you some great exercises that emphasize low stress working out options. Swimming is also sometimes prescribed for women who have to ensure that they tone and maintain their muscles.

Recap of Ways to Stay Pain Free

  • Pelvic tilt exercises
  • Yoga for pregnancy
  • Swimming
  • Firm Mattress
  • Consult a specialist in solving back pain.

The best options to staying pain free include working with a specialist who can ensure that you are taken care of. Women who consult a specialist in solving back pain enjoy pleasant pregnancies.