5 Vitamin Supplements to Take in Your 30s


When a person reaches their thirties they are often so busy with everything else going on in their lives that they forget to eat properly. This means the body is not getting the optimum amount of nutrition it requires to stay healthy. Of course you should strive to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats or meat substitutes. But with a busy lifestyle of work and family, sometimes it just isn’t possible to get all the vitamins your body requires in your thirties.

  1. Calcium

Bone health is of vital importance throughout a person’s lifetime. However because they cannot be seen many people ignore keeping bones healthy. Calcium supplements can ensure that your bones stay strong throughout your entire life. Most individuals find it difficult to get enough calcium in their diet from food sources alone. The average adult should be ingesting 1000 milligrams of calcium a day. However the body absorbs calcium better when the calcium is taken during various times throughout the day and it is better absorbed while also eating food.

  1. Vitamin D

The body cannot absorb calcium without also having adequate amounts of vitamin D. Vitamin D causes the body to make the hormone calcitrol, which assists in the absorption of calcium. Our bodies can get enough vitamin D in three different ways, diet, sunshine, or supplements. Individuals in their thirties should ingest six hundred international units of vitamin D a day. Not only does vitamin D assist in calcium absorption, it also increases immunity from diseases and reduces inflammation in the body.

  1. Vitamin C

Human beings are one of the few mammals on earth who cannot create vitamin C in their own bodies. Vitamin C is found in many fruits or vegetables. However it is difficult for most people to get enough vitamin C in their diets each day. Vitamin C assists in the absorption of iron. It also helps the body resist infection. This vitamin promotes eye, vein and cartilage health. Men should have about ninety milligrams a day and women require seventy-five milligrams a day.

  1. Iron

Iron is necessary for the best health of people during their thirties. Without adequate iron humans develop iron deficiency anemia. Most of the bodies iron is in the form of hemoglobin in blood. Hemoglobin transports oxygen to the tissues of the body. Typically those who develop anemia are women of child-bearing age, pregnant women, and athletes. Those who are vegetarians have a greater risk of being iron deficient. Men should have eight milligrams of iron a day while in their thirties. Women need eighteen milligrams a day of iron for optimal health while in their thirties.

  1. Vitamin B

Vitamin B complex is actually a group of several B vitamins in one supplement. Included are biotin, folic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and other essential B vitamins. The B complex vitamins assist the nervous system, decrease stress and anxiety symptoms, and keep energy levels normal in the human body. One vitamin B complex tablet will provide vital amounts of each type of B vitamin for optimal health for those in their thirties.